Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steaks - Ribeyes

Ok, the price of steaks have gone through the roof lately and it just irritates me that there are no good prices to be had anywhere! So last time I was at costco, I bit the bullet and just paid $35 for 4 LARGE ribeye steaks. $7.99 a lb. I know that's not overly expensive BUT I do have the frugal in florida name to live up to!

I took those steaks and I sliced them thiner. They were at least one inch thick so I decided that we didn't need to be eating THAT much steak at a time (ohhh...that's the cheapskate coming out!) Besides, hubby doesn't eat his meat anyway but done. No pink. So if the steaks had been kept that thick, they would have cooked for an hour on the grill and I'm just not having that!!

So, here's what I did a few weekends back with some for friends and dinner one night:

Layed half of the steaks in a large tupperware dish (ziploc, glade, whatever?).
Poured some BBQ sauce in
Poured some leftover coffee in
Added some worchestershire sauce
chopped garlic
A1 Steak sauce
a little water to thin it out
And tried to mix it up some (so really, do the marinade FIRST and then add the steaks!)

Marinate for several hours, with the last 30 minutes or so being on the countertop to come to room temp.

Grill them up & serve with your favorite sides.

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