Monday, May 24, 2010


This is not a recipe. Really. So maybe don't read any further. BUT if you are curious how a simple family prepares for taco night, then read on...

1 lb of ground beef. Or, in my case, at this time, 10 hamburger patties (or so) from the stellar deal I got on a 25 lb box of burgers. These were a fairly high fat content so I don't use them as burgers :)
1 Taco Dinner Kit - varies from Taco Bell, El Paso brands, depends on what was on sale. This week, it's Taco Bell
Half head of iceburg lettuce, sliced (shredded)
1 tomatoe, diced
1/2 onion, diced
bag of cheese ... mexican blend this week, from my outstanding bargain a few weeks back, 16 oz for 99 cents, been in freezer waiting for this day!
additional taco shells
sour cream
fresh avacado, diced, only if on sale & coupon available (score!)

And that's it. Cook up the beef, DRAIN and add seasoning. Prepare the veggies as the meat cooks. Serve it up!

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