Monday, July 5, 2010

Salsa or as we call it, "That Fresh Tomato Stuff"

I've got the little gadget, the Vidalia Chopper and I swear by the thing. This is made at least 2 times a week and kept in the fridge and then just topped on everything (favorite? Scrambled eggs!)

2 large tomatoes, cut in quarters and squeezed lightly to eliminate most of the liquid
1 onion (whatever you have on hand), quartered
2 to 3 jalepenos, seeds removed to your taste and cut in half (my plant just will not die and the hotness varies from one pepper to another)
lime juice (fresh or from that little fake plastic thing
Now comes the hard part. Open lid of chopper. Using the SMALL grid, place a quarter of onion on grid, and slap the lid shut. Open and repeat with rest of onion and jalepenos.

Remove small grate and insert large grate. Repeat with tomatoes. Empty contents of tray into bowl if needed.
Squeeze lime juice over all and store in fridge. I've got mixed emotions on salt. I use coarse salt but find it makes the tomatoes really juice up and then swim in liquid which is NOT what we are going for!! That's why you use the LARGE grid for the tomatoes.
Now if you are using this right away, use the small grid & add a pinch of salt.
Sure, you can add cilantro or basil or any other flavors. But this house is using it just as all around topping (rice, chicken, nachos, tacos, eggs, etc.)

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SAHMmy Says said...

Will check out that Vidalia chopper--food processor doesn't make the right texture, and chopping by hand takes forever. Thanks!
I like salt in my salsa--before adding tomatoes to salsa, put them in a colander & salt them; after an hour or so a lot of the liquid will drain off and you won't have runny salsa.